Welcome to our Advance Cleaning blog!

Welcome to our Advance Cleaning blog! We are excited to start a new chapter for our company with this blog.

Advance Cleaning Co. started in 1986 when Ronnie decided to take a leap and start his own cleaning company. And through the years everyone in the family, even the wives, has had some part in the family business. And that’s where I come in. My name is Lauren and got my first experience with ACC working janitorial jobs for Ronnie when I started dating Thomas, Ronnie’s oldest son and Vice President of the company, back in 2007. Fast-forward to 2012, we got married and I officially part of the family!

Now I get to talk about some of the things I have learned since joining the company, like cleaning tips and tricks, and so many other things you’ll have to wait and see. For now I just want to say welcome and remind you that the holidays are coming up and that means families are coming to visit. Which means a clean home is a must, so give us a call or see how fast we respond with an email from our website! This will begin to show you our commitment to success by delivering extraordinary customer service.  Our family is looking forward to serving your family.

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